• Joseph Mullica                           Broker of Record   
  • Debra Campbell                          Broker Associate                     
  • Nicole Martorano                       Sales Associate                            
  • Angela Chapman                        Sales Associate   
  • Dawn Izzi                                    Sales Associate   

NE Executive Abstract

John Lynch

Founded in 1993, Executive Abstract provides settlement services for buyers, sellers, brokers, agents and lenders in the greater Philadelphia area. Working from our 3 offices in PA and NJ, we handle closings from beginning to end in a professional, courteous manner.

Executive Abstract provides escrow services and title insurance policies for all real-estate purchases, refinances, and home equity transactions.  In order to guarantee a smooth and professional real estate closing, we provide the following services:

  • Thorough searches of your property and title and clearing any title defects
  • Guarantee that you are getting a title that is “free and clear” at the closing of your transaction
  • Anticipate every potential problem and resolve issues on the spot
  • Calculate any prorations for your taxes and/or Homeowner Associations assessments
  • Pay off any liens on your property
  • Offer off-site closings for your convenience
  • Act as escrow agent so you can be confident that your money is handled safely, professionally and in accordance with the law
  • Deposit all your funds and distribute your funds after the closing of your transaction
  • Record your title documents with the county clerk
  • Issue your title policy

We strive to create long-term relationships based on the quality of our service and work product.

Executive Abstract is an agent for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.

Square Foot Real Estate Management


What does a square foot mean to you? If you are a property owner, this means probably everything to your Profit and Losses. It relates to Construction Costs, Rental Revenues, Average Retail Sales and Operational Costs. All measured in terms of our namesake square foot.

Part of our mission at Square Foot Real Estate Management, LLC is to minimize the costs and maximize the revenues associated with your square feet. We bring value added management services to your real estate holdings whether you need a manager for your 500 square foot rental on Rittenhouse Square or your million square foot commercial portfolio that spans eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware. Residential or commercial, it doesn’t really matter. Our experienced professionals know real estate down to its foundations, and we do much more then just collect rent.

Our seasoned team is poised to problem solve on your behalf whether it means overseeing contractors, conducting background checks on prospective tenants, negotiating leases terms, working with the EPA to remediate some environmental issues or just fixing a leaky pipe at 2 AM – all while delivering a fair return on your investment.

Tax Lien Services

TL Services, LLC specializes in Bank Asset Management.​

TL Services, LLC works with Banks and Lenders to aid in every facet of their operations as they deem necessary.  By engaging TL Services, LLC in this A La Carte type service menu our clients are able to strategically engage us to aid them in their operations while gaining the lower costs to drive down overhead.  Our Services range from Appraisal & Draw Management to Collections to Workout to REO Management.  It is our belief that we are the best resolution company that you will be able to engage, which is why we only bill when we succeed.


By knowing that we only get paid when we succeed we are incentivized to get results for our clients.  This unique setup ensures that our clients know we are always working for them and working to get the best results.  Other companies will charge for the work that they do annually, monthly, daily and hourly, where as TL Services, LLC has a flat rate fee on our successes with allow our clients to factor in all costs associated with our efforts.


Below is a list of the main areas of focus that TL Services, LLC provides to our clients.


  • Construction Draw Management

  • Loan Collections

  • Workout of Sub Performing & Non Performing Assets

  • Real Estate Tax Management

  • Foreclosure Management

  • Bankruptcy Management

  • Attorney Fee negotiations

  • Note Sales

  • REO

    • Preservation

    • Repairs

    • Sales